Saturday, April 23, 2011

A very Special Layout to share

When my kids were growing up and we moved to Simi Valley I enrolled them in a local preschool, Kids 'n Things.  Kari was 3 and Katy was 2, they are 29 and 28 now, lol! Anyway that is where they went while we worked, it was actually right up the street from us.  After Rachel was born I did not go back to work because the difference between my salary and the child care was $100 a month.....definately NOT worth it, lol!!  Kari was in kindergarten by then and we kept Katy in the preschool two days a week.  I loved that school and the teachers and the owner, Shirley, and before too long I began to work there, bringing Rachel with me and my other two came after school.  I remember Rachel racing around the school in her walker...she was quite the terror!  But I digress, my story is about the owner Shirley.  She owned this school and ran it with her daughters.  I became very close to Carol and worked with her for many years....we are only about 2 weeks apart in age.  I worked there about 8 years.  I loved that job!  Eventually it was time for me to move on once my kids were older and I left.  About 4 years ago I returned with my grand daughter Jenna, not to work, but dropping her off and picking her up.  It was like coming home.  So many of the teachers that I worked with over 20 years ago were still there.  Jenna graduated and now Trevor is there about to graduate as well.    Shirley was an awesome person to work for.  She always had a smile, she never got mad...she was always there...for everyone.  Carol eventually took over the school but momma Shirley still had her hand in.  A few months ago I learned from Carol while visiting with her that Shirley was having some medical problems.  Though we all prayed for the best she was taken from us this month, just a few short months from the time she got ill.  She touched so many people and she made such a difference in so many peoples lives it has been a difficult loss.  During her fight with cancer Carol posted a photo on Facebook of her and her mom and her daughter which I fell in love with.  I knew I would use it, I just didnt know it would be as a Tribute.  So I would love to share with you a digital layout I did using that photo from Facebook.  I created this digitally, printed it and then added some elements to the print, and then framed it and added more elements to the frame.

This is the digital layout:
 And this is the layout framed:
 Added details to the printed digital file:
 Elements added to the outside frame:
I couldnt resist adding a tricycle to the layout :)
So Carol...if you are reading this...I will get this to you sometime next week...even though Trev is on vacation :)  Love ya!!!

Credits for the layout:
All digital files are from Webster's Pages - Lifes Portraits; Tickets from Country Estates; Tricycle from the Lullabye Lane collection; Ladies & Gents, stickers and buttons.
Ribbon flowers: Cosmo Cricket Glubers (digital)
Trims, flowers, birds, pins, cameo and fabric ticket by Webster's Pages.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Awesome Julie!!!!
You're amazing!!! We're all lucky to have you as a friend! LeeAnn♥

Leah Crowe said...

Absolutely amazing tribute Julie. So very sorry for your loss, for that families loss, it sounds like she was one of those people who touched many lives in a wonderful way. I bet Carol loved it.