Monday, April 20, 2009

RIP Sierra

I held my puppy today in my arms when she went to sleep for the final time. She was 8. Thank you to my daughter Katy for making me see that I needed to hold her as she passed, I will never forget and I will be ever so grateful she took the time to make me understand how important it was, for both of us. Thank You to my daughter Kari for going with me and being there for me, I needed it, I knew it was difficult for her but I needed it. Thank you to my daughter Rachel for helping me make the decision to bring Sierra home 8 years ago. Thank you to Valley Vet Clinic in Simi Valley, Dr Novy, for giving her every possible chance, above and beyond, Dr. Kramer in particular for being there with me when it was as hard for him as it was for me, and Dr Kriensky for caring enough to pass on the situation to those who could and did do everything in their power to allow her a chance to heal.

Thanks to Helly for the digital kit that she did not create for this purpose but was perfect for me to create a tribute to Sierra. Designs by Helly - Splendor Falls

Monday, April 6, 2009

Route 101 by Viva Artistry

I found the greatest kit to work with at Digital Candy by Viva Artistry called Route 101. OMGosh I cannot believe how gorgeous this kit is, the papers are like artists canvas's and the alpha is so perfect! There is even a sand border overlay that is amazing! I love this kit and the first layout I did with it is my new fav!!! In fact so far I have done 2 layouts from our beach trip on Saturday and i love them both!!! The photos are not extractions...I just blended them into the paper!!!
This is the kit preview:

And these are my layouts!!!