Friday, October 26, 2007

One Year Anniversay Crop @ Creating Inspirations

Join us for an Online Crop!
That's right! It's our one year anniversary this month. And to celebrate we are hosting an online crop over on the Message Board on Saturday, October 27th beginning at 9am ET. We have been working hard preparing some great challenges for everyone and there will be LOTS of prizes to give away. Oh, and of course we will have a great sale!! You won't want to miss it!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Great unexpected news!!!!

I had applied for two different design teams at the same time, one call ended before the other and offered a spot on their design team (totally unexpected), the second call required exclusivity, it was a really hard decision for me. What if i turned down one and didnt get the other? I really wanted a design team spot. Thats the good thing about 6 month terms, you can move around if you want. Anyway the design team spot for my local LSS was the second call, and I basically disqualifed myself. BUT......................I did get the position to present the kit to the local kit club and provide samples from the kit.............pERFECT!!!!! So although I didnt get an online Design Team spot I still get to person!!! So if you are in the area and can get to the store come and visit......................

i will be posting some work from the October kits on the weekend...........and then it will be in the store!!!!

Woo Hoo..................thank you E and Scott!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My first Design Team Work!!!

For Creating Inspirations!!! I got the October kit and got to play with some of my Halloween pictures!!! I used some really old and some from last year, and some not Halloween at all, with a Halloween kit!!! WOO HOO!!!!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did ya know it????

Have you made yourself aware?

Do you do regular checks and/or mammograms?

Do you know when you should have a mammogram?

A word from the wise, make sure you keep to the schedule that the

experts have recommended. Due to all of my other medical problems

I let this slide, 5 years, I didnt get my first mammogram till I was 45, and

yes there was a problem, but I was extremely lucky, it was caught early

in fact they shouldnt even have caught it for a few more years. So I had surgery

and radiation, no chemo, thank goodness, it could have been so much worse.

I am diligent now, and many make sure that I am. So please please please do yourself

a favor and remember, remember remember.
This is a layout I did for the newsletter at Creating Inspirations

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I made it to the final round in the Treasured Hunt

Chutes and Ladders

I pulled pictures from a year and a half ago for this!! Jenna was just two. I just got my camera and I took 85 pictures on this trip to the park...and I dont think I scrapped any of them. I have now though!!!

And then there were 3............and we dont find out who wins the grand prize till next Wednesday!!

This was the specifics for this challenge:

Your final challenge is:
Create a layout (one or 2 pages, any size)
must include:
- paint
- fabric (ribbon doesn't count)
- at least one "striped" patterned paper
- at least one star
- at least 10 brads or eyelets
TITLE: I am a total game lover so, for this challenge, your title must be the title of a board game or a game show (old or new). Google this one, you'll be surprised what you find - some great layout titles out there!!

I am not as confident in this Layout as I have been in the past, but each round I advanced in I was feeling this way. There is some amazing talent in this race!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Check out this class

More great news!!
I have been selected to be a part of of Susan Constanza's new 6 month online class/workshop at The Scraproom as a part of her design team!!! Here is the description:
Not Your Ordinary A-Z Challenge Workshop!
Ready to Rock-n-Roll? Can you stand a major shot of scrapping mojo? Are you a giggler or an all out laugher? Can you handle classes like Crabbie Patties, Kiss Me You Fool, Boy Is He Ripped, and more?
Find out this October when The ScrapRoom offers a 6 month long workshop with 26 weekly classes hosted by Susan Costanza and designed to put the excitement back in scrapping and inspire your individual creativity!
We have plenty of inspiration lined up with our amazing workshop Design Team featuringShirley Standifird, Julie Walton, Jessica Chastain along with Guest Designers Brenda Carpenter and Shawnna Samples!
Check The ScrapRoom website on September 30th for a free class sample and sign up information!
Free Pass Giveaway!Would you like to win a FREE pass to the Not Your Ordinary A-Z Challenge Workshop? ($40.00 Value!) TSR will be giving away THREE FREE PASSES!!!
All you have to do is go to and post on this thread
, and you will be entered into a drawing for one of three free passes to be given out randomly.
Winners will be announced on September 30th!

Hope you can join us for this inspiring class!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Treasured Hunt Week 5 Challenge

Someday my prince will come.....................
Yep!!! I made it to round 5 and there are 6 of us left, and one more round after this one. This weeks challenge is:

Your next mission, should you choose to accept it is:
Create a layout (one or 2 pager, any size).
- must include at least one photo
- must include stamping
- must include journaling strips
- must include at least 5 buttons
- must include 2 and only 2 colors of cardstock
- must include 4 and only 4 different patterned papers
- Title must relate in some way to a fairy tale (ex. the title of a fairy tale, the name of a fairy tale character, or a concept from a fairy tale, like "What big ears you have, grandma") You get the point. Oh, and the only restriction to this, is you can't use "Once Upon a Time" or "And they lived happily ever after".
Anything else is game.
The stamping is kinda hard to see but its along the sides where the journaling strips are on the blue and up in the upper left corner in gold and accented in stickles.
Supply list:
Paper - Daisy D's
Cardstock - Bazzill
Buttons - Daisy D's
Alpha - MM Clears and the sparkle one ?, in my stash
Stamps - Sassafras Lass Ribbonrie and the corner one?
Ink - Colorbox and the gold? (Joanns)
Thread DMC
Silkflower - ?
Ranger stickles.
Made from the September Bring your own Memories kit and some of my stash!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

News!!! Its HUGE!!!!!

For me anyway!!!
I made Design Team at Creating Inspirations!!!!!!!
You know that list you keep, things you want to do in your lifetime??? Well for me this was one of them....CHECK!!!! I am so stinkin' excited, I cant wait to get started!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Treasured Hunt Week 4 Challenge

Well I made it to Round 4!!!! I was prepared to not see my name on the list this week, but it was there. So this weeks challenge is:

The only requirement is that your journaling must include (in no specific order):
I Wonder...
I Hope...
I Regret...
I Know...
and journaling to go with it.
Everything else is up to you.

My layout is Musings

Week 4 Treasured Hunt Entry
JOurnaling challenge
Supply listPaper - Love, ElsieArrow
Photo Turns - 7 Gypsies
Brads - Making Memories
Ranger Sticklers
Tiny Alpha - Making Memories
Chipboard Alpha - Lil Davis
Notebook paper
DMC Embroidery Floss
Unibal Signo White Pen
Unknown Lace/ribbon
Glue dots
I wonder
I wonder. That’s a daunting thought.
Don’t we all wonder? I probably wonder umpteen times a day about one thing or another. But really, what are the important things I wonder? I wonder, did I make the right decision? Is it what is best for me and the people that surround me, or does it make a difference if it’s best for the people around me as long as its best for me? How will this decision impact my life? What if I chose differently, then what would have happened? Am I staying true to my nature or going against it?
Sometimes I really wonder.
I hope
If I am to be completely honest, even though I hate to bring it up, I hope that I make a difference; I hope that I have enough time to continue making a difference and that when I am gone I will be remembered for making a difference. A difference in what you ask? A difference in peoples lives. I hope that I have added something positive, a good feeling, a good experience and a great memory!!!
I really hope.
I regret
I think regret comes more into play when you are older, when situations have arisen and you didn’t do what you would now with the knowledge you have now. I have lots of little regrets, oh I wish I would have done this instead, oh I wish I wouldn’t have said that, oh I wish I would have taken this path, you get the picture. But I do have one big regret, and its personal, it doesn’t affect anyone but me. I regret I didn’t pursue my education much further than I did. If I did not have this heart condition, which has really opened my eyes, I would have pursued nursing, or teaching.
I really regret that.
I know
A very powerful statement! Sounds like a talk show. The first thing that comes to mind is that things happen for a reason. There are reasons that my life took the path it did, and there are reasons things happened the way they did, and there are reasons why I always seem to land on my feet, and number one:: I know there is a reason why I am still here, and the reason changes over time, I have some purpose that is not yet fulfilled. I know I hope that the reasons keep on coming!
This I know.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Treasured Hunt Week 3 Challenge

So......I made it through to round 3!!! Not an easy competition. I dont know how they are voting ANYONE out at this point, the layouts are that good. Very intimatdating at this point. I always have a good block of time on Tuesday afternoon as Jeromy sleeps about 3 hours (oh how I would love to just cuddle up with him!!), so the assignment comes out Tuesday morning and I try to finish it Tuesday afternoon, then I can coast the rest of the week and watch as the other entries are posted without having to worry about using someone elses idea!!! Good far anyway!!! So these are the requirements this week:

Challenge requirements: - Create a ONE PAGE layout

Layout must include: - Journaling from someone/something else's point of view (not your own)

- Use at least one pic taken from a different perspective. I'm not going to be terribly specific on this because I want you to be creative, but what we're looking for here is something other than a smiling face looking directly at the camera. Maybe a candid shot of someone looking away, a shot from behind/above/below, focus on a particular body part, etc. Also, the photo doesn't necessarily have to be of a person... USE YOUR IMAGINATION!!

- use at least 2 different mediums of alphabet letters in your title (ex. rub-ons, chipboard, stickers, diecut, etc.). These must be two different kinds of alphas, not 2 different kinds of stickers or two different kinds of rub-on, but a mixture, like one rub-on and one chipboard for example. You may use more than 2 but it has to be at least 2. Make sense?

And this is my layout......what do you think?

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Treasured Hunt week 2 Challenge

So I made it through to the next round! This weeks challenge is to scrap about something you are afraid of, using 3 or more patterned papers, rick rack, a rub on, and hand journaling of more than 10 words, here is my take on it:

I am afraid of.......not having enough Time with them
The competition is very stiff, not sure how much longer I will be in it, but its been fun!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Treasured Hunt

So I entered this contest at . Its a 6 week challenge where you are give specific instructions to create a Layout each week, and each week there are eliminations. I made the final cut, there are 31 starting this challenge. So excited!!!! Anyway today the first challenge was posted and it is due on Sunday. I had this picture lying out because I wanted to scrap it and it all just fell together so well.

So the challenge requirements were:
One Layout
ONe Picture
One manufacturer for patterned paper
One arrow
The number 1 or the word one somewhere in the layout
One technique (sewing, inking, sanding, doodling). You could use any techniques but only one of those.
Cardstock ok
embellies ok

So here is my take:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I won a contest!!!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!! I won first place in a contest sponsered by Scrapdango and Daisyd's!!!! Here is my winning LO:

I will be getting a great package put together by Daisyd's!! So excited!!!

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