Saturday, August 27, 2011

Altering the Glue Daddy Caddy Deluxe!

I just love to sit down to a fresh piece of wood that I am free to alter in anyway that I see fit :)  I ordered my Glue Daddy Caddy Deluxe as soon as they were available on etsy....why?  Because I had my Helmar glues propped upside down all over my scrap table in everything imaginable....quite the sight now that I think about it, and I should have taken a picture of that, lol!!
I took a step by step approach and  posted it on facebook about a month ago but I thought I would share here too for those that missed it.  So this is what I started with: (you can find yours HERE on etsy)
and let me tell you.....this is the perfect home for your Helmar glues!!!  I love the deluxe one for the little side pockets which are perfect for my Helmar Liquid ScrapDots and Adhesive Runners.  I decided I wanted to give it a shabby vintage look so I painted all of the edges a purty turquoise color:
my thought was to paint the edges a color and then paint the whole thing white so that I could sand through the white and have the turquoise show through on the edges:
I love the color combination of white, turquoise and black so I decided upon some papers from Lilybee Design - This & That, one of Helmar's preferred partners.  I applied a thin coat of Helmar Acid Free glue to the papers (after I measured and cut the pieces to fit the caddy) and smoothed them onto the caddy.  The good thing about the Acid Free Glue is that it doesnt warp the papers so it is perfect for an application like this:
Glue Central.....good one huh?  LOL!!!  To further along my vintage look I thought that using my Helmar Crackle Medium would be the perfect touch, rubbing with some ink to help the cracks show up:
And now that the base/background is in place its time to decorate/embellish!!!  I wanted some bling on my caddy because I am a bling queen so I added a string of pearls around the top edge....using my Helmar 450 Quick Dry:
and for the top I decided upon some diamond shape dew drops from another Helmar preferred partner, Robin's Nest, and the perfect adhesive for them is Helmar Gemstone Glue:
I wanted the embellishments to be as protected as possible because I know this is going to get alot of use so I gave the whole caddy a protective coating of Helmar Acrylic Sealer.  The final touch was to add some paper roses with the perfect contrasting color of yellow:
And the perfect adhesive for applying these babies to the caddy is Helmar Liquid ScrapDots!!!
And now may I present my Altered Glue Daddy Caddy Deluxe:
Well I have thouroughly enjoyed my Saturday morning sharing with you and I hope that you have a GREAT weekend.....and stay safe!
Julie Walton, Helmar Design Team Member


Debbie said...

Totally Genius, and love the way you have altered it. I would love to do this myself.
Busy Scrapbooking my Son's Tunisia photo's at the mo, and making Tim configeration boxes, and altering a calender but other than that....Not doing much. LOL
Keep up the gorgeous work Julie, your blog is one of my favorites, I never don't visit when you post something new.

Cindi said...

it's awesome!!! what a great job altering teh glue daddy caddy. so such a pretty home for your helmar

Carisa said...

omg, this is SO cute!!! i need to get my glue daddy caddy pronto - loved seeing all the bottles on it afterward. :D