Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a GREAT weekend!!!!

Second year in a row that we went to SeaWorld...actually this same weekend last year, and I have to say I hope we do it every year, as a matter of fact it would be really cool to go there for a week!!! the weather was a perfect 75-80, nice little cool breeze at times. We got lost coming in, none of us thought to print directions...we actually thought we would find the hotel since we were there last year....NOT!!! Turns out we were just blocks from where we should have been, naturally right!! Trevor had the toughest time..he wanted to go home not stay in the hotel. Jenna was a pro. We went to SeaWorld on Friday morning, left during the afternoon, came back at night. Matts parents and mine came too, and then matts sister and her friends showed up too. On Saturday Matts friend Brian came since he lives close, it was good to see him, he visited us last year while we were in San Diego. Since I have been taking the photography class (which I am painfully behind in right now) I have been all about the photos and the settings so I took a ton of pics. And.........I have a few to share with you!!! Here is our SeaWorld trip 2008:

Jenna got her face painted:


Some of Trev....the candy man: night:

the dolphins:

Jenna did the bungie jumping:

The tide pool was very popluar again this year with Jenna

A circus acrobatic type show...we saw it twice!

Trevors favorites.....the flamingos!

Just playing with the sepia:

The fireworks show:


Deanna said...

awesome photos Julie! Looks like y'all had a great weekend!

Michelle Lanning said...

awesome Julie! And makes me want to go now -- it has been years!

Donna said...
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Donna. said...

LOVE the pictures Julie! I really love the Shamu at night pics! And Jenna and Trevor are just growing so fast!

Pinky said...

OMG those are the greatest pictures EVER!!! Looks like so much fun!

jamie said...

that first sepia shot is absolutely great! frame that! anyway, i sepia...and i love san diego...thanks for letting me look.