Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite Projects of 2011

The last day of 2011.....and I am heading into the scraproom to create my last projects of the year, but I thought I would share  my favorite projects from this last year...


I wish you a happy happy new year of creating!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorite Webster's Pages layouts of 2011

It has been an amazing year creating with Webster's Pages digital collections AND working with the Webster's Pages Design Team and Owners.  I have had Design Team spots in the past but I have to say none of them compare with the experience I have had at Websters' Pages.  I have learned so much this year about design, and had so many new opportunities and I have to thank Brandin for that, I even had a bucket list item checked off :)  It is so great to work directly with the owners and creators, definitely a family experience that becomes a part of who you are.

So one thing I like to do each year is to choose my favorite layouts I did that year.  And this year I am going to single out Webster's Pages layouts because they carry such meaning for me :)

The Trendsetter collection was perfect for Jenna's first day of School picture this year:
I love this picture of my daughter Rachel....and it was so funny when I showed her the layout because she had just written a self description of herself for school and it was exactly what I had written about her:
This layout shows my style changing a little bit, something that I have fully embraced now.  As Brandin told me over and need space for your eye to rest :)  This is my baby Ariel....she is a 7 lb Chihuahua and has added so much to my life....she is a love!
I am a sucker for a beach themed collection.  I love the beach and these photos of Jenna taken 2 summers ago continue to be among my favorite of all time.  The Yacht Club collection was also perfect for these photos:
The Winter Fairy Tales collection was calling my name for my Disney On Ice pictures:
One of my favorite lines of all time from Webster's Pages is All About Me, I turn to that line over and over.  My favorite color combination is turquoise/white/lime green and this is one line that does it right!  I feel like Brandin made it special for me :)
This spring/summer I had the amazing opportunity to work with Webster's Pages to create photobooks with Webster's Pages digital collections for their new journey with NovelTree.  This page is created from a page in one of those books, my favorite, The Boy book using the Natures Storybook collection:
The 911 anniversary this year inspired me to create this next layout again using the All About Me collection and photos from Jenna's school performance in May which was patriotic themed:
I had alot of amazing travel adventures this year and one of them was San Francisco with my Mom and daughter Rachel and her guy Chuy for Thanksgiving....Waiting for Santa was perfect for this layout of ME...yep I did a layout of me ;)
Okay now...check out this white space and off the page design...from ME???  Yeppers!
I told you I was a sucker for beach themes and beach pictures ;)  This layout uses Yacht Club once again and is also a page I created from one of the NovelTree book layout pages:
Ahhhh yes, have to include the layout about Sadie....she is a huge life size deer made from cement which my mom and I bought and loaded into my little the back seat...and had to have someone come over and unload it...but she is a great addition to the backyard and the kids love her:
This layout is a fun quirky one that just makes me smile every time I see it....Life as we Know it, outtakes from a family photo session:
And one last layout to share with you...using the brand new line called Sunday Picnic and featuring the Clean & Simple line being introduced by Webster's Pages....and pictures from the above photo shoot with Kimberlee Miller:
And there you have favorite Webster's Pages digital layouts for 2011!!
Thanks for visiting and sharing this time with me :)
Hope that your new year is amazing!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 in Photos

Well...its been quite the year, however after a few trying years this year has been a good one.  Lots of great new memories made, lots of fun adventures, great family time.......and peace for the most part.  Trips this year, Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Morro Bay, Alaska, Reno/Sparks with 3 kids a diabetic cat and a chihuahua, New England/Canada, San Francisco and Disneyland for 3 days.  Milestones, Trevor graduates from Preschool, Rachel graduates from College, Trevor starts school, Jeromy moves to Sparks and then Bullhead City...and loses his first two teeth.  It has been a great year...and here are some of my favorite photos from this year:

See ya in a few days with my favorite layouts from 2011!!!!
Happy New Year to you all!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Handmade gifts and decorations!

Well its the season all right.....and Christmas is just 7 days away.....are you ready??  I am...I just finished my last Christmas present, which I cant share but I do have some decorations and gifts that I created this season!!
First up...I have quite the owl addiction, dont know why but they really draw my attention.  I also happened to have some felt on hand from another project and one night I sat and made these:

 Jenna and Trevor quickly claimed them as their own, and so now I need to make one for me to keep.  They were super easy and I got the idea from Pinterest :)
Check out the eyes...I used my Epiphany Crafts Button maker and the Round 20 buttons to make custom eyes for these guys:
The reason I had the felt was because I made these cute little Christmas trees, in my color theme for the year, pink, turquoise, green....and I thought they would make an awesome gift for my funky hairdresser so again....I dont have my own, but I do have the stuff to make them, lol!
I used my Epiphany Crafts Button and Shape Studios and made ornaments for my trees!
Then came my next love.....making little canvas's, again sticking to my new Christmas color theme:
I made a cute little peacock feather Christmas tree using Bo Bunny paper and my Epiphany Craft Shape Studio and the oval epoxies with a little heart button for the top!
And then I joined in on a challenge that Hobby Lobby put up on their Facebook page for tags and created these:
The first is my owl tag, I used a combination of Webster's Pages papers, in the Botanical Christmas line, and my Epiphany Crafts buttons, epoxies, and felt settings:
And.......this tag won day 5 :)
I created another tag for the challenge using a freebie digital tag from Webster's Pages adding lots of Websters Pages trims and some Epiphany Crafts Round 25 Epoxies:
It didnt win....but it looks great on my tree!!!
And last but not least is probably my favorite new decoration of the year that I made:
I used a very inexpensive shadow box frame I got from Michaels for $5, framed a paper from Best Creation Inc, added some loose jingle bells and then added a title to the front of the glass, using a Epiphany Crafts Heart 25 Epoxy to dot the 'i'.  Tied a ribbon around it and what a great decoration dontcha think?
So I talked about changing up my color theme this year and I am working towards it...last year I got a white tree, this year I started going pink, turquoise, lime green and this is what I have:
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that you are enjoying your season as much as I am :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adventures with Flat Stanley

So Flat Stanley has been a travelling boy!  I decided to make Jenna a book of all his travels by making digital layouts for each adventure.....and I am using the various Webster's Pages digital collections exclusively because there is a paper for every adventure :)
Flat Stanley travelled to Nevada first to Jenna's Grandpa Richard, who took Stanley hunting:
I used the Nature's Story digital collection for this layout.
Next Flat Stanley went to Jury Duty with Jenna's Great Grandma, who actually got on a jury:
I used All About Me digital collection for this layout.
Next Flat Stanley traveled to Florida to stay with my friend Cherrie and her grandchildren who took Stanley on 2 different adventures, the first one to Port St Joe via the Suwannee River:
I used the Yacht Club digital collection for this layout.
Next Cherrie took Flat Stanley to see the Manatees:
I used the Seaside Retreat digital collection for this layout.
Then Flat Stanley came back to California to go to San Francisco with us for Thanksgiving.  We travelled by train and stayed at Fisherman's Wharf:
I used the Yacht Club digital collection for this layout.
Flat Stanley is now on his way to North Carolina.....and apparently enjoying the ride as he has been in the mail almost a week, lol!!  Hope he didn't take a detour!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Webster's Pages Design Team Call

Well it was about this time last year give or take that a Design Team call came up for Webster's Pages.  Webster's pages huh?  I saw that they also were looking for digital members.  I applied for both.  Imagine my surprise while in Hawaii on vacation in January I got an email from Brandin.....from Webster's Pages.  I remember it very clearly...sitting at an outside table at a grill having lunch with my mom and daughter in Kona.  They were enjoying their "Bikini Tini's" I was looking at the ocean and the spinner dolphins giving us a show...and checking email.  I mom and daughter asking what, what?  That was the day that I began my journey with Webster's Pages.  I have been part of the digital team with Webster's Pages since last January and oh what a year it has been.  This team is truly the dream team.  Extremely talented design team, extremely talented owners and staff, who are generous beyond belief, throw in an amazing Social Coordinator and you have the stuff dreams are made of.  I learned so much about design.  I was given a Bucket List worthy opportunity in NovelTree. I found out what being a team is all about.....its an extension of family.  That's what its like to be a part of Webster's Pages.  And why you ask am I telling you all of this???
You can read all about it on the Webster's Pages blog.  Don't even hesitate to apply for too could be your dream come true if you are the Clean & Simple scrapper!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Check out what Webster's Pages is giving away....FREE!!

So its December and you know what that means!!!  Christmas!!!
And Webster's Pages is helping to make your
Christmas a beautiful one by offering you some
FREE gift tags!
Use these on presents for your "from/to" tags,
Use them in your decorations,
Just print them out and use them as is
or decorate them to your hearts content!
Beautifully created with various Webster's Pages
collections in digital format by me :)

To download these tags you can go HERE
To see how the Design Team embellished them see the Webster's Pages Blog

Happy Holidays from Webster's Pages!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Black Friday and Webster's Pages!!!

Check out the Webster's Pages blog today for details about some special edition kits available for Black Friday...just $25 plus shipping. If you have ever gotten a special edition kit from Webster's you know you cant miss out on this deal :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flat Stanley

Ahhhhh the great 2nd grade project....Flat Stanley!  Flat Stanley is a little guy that each 2nd grader draws and colors, who, since he is flat can slip into an envelope and travel all over the world.  As he travels he sends post cards and photos to the child's class and the children get to learn about different places all over the world and learn through the adventures he has.  This year is Jenna's turn, and her Flat Stanley has begun his 6 month tour.  First he went to Sparks Nevada to visit with her grandpa where he went hunting!!  Next he was part of a jury at the Ventura County Court.  Then we took him to the Pumpkin Patch.  Now he is on the way to Florida for a new adventure. 
This is such a great project for the kids...and the adults, everyone is so enthusiastic about it!!!  I decided that Jenna would love to have a book that shows her Flat Stanley's travels and adventures, and am going to do it with digital layouts and have them printed as a book.  This is the first layout:
For this layout I used Webster's Pages All About Me Digital Collection and also 'lifted' the design of the layout itself from this months Guest Design Team member Stephanie Garbett.
Stay tuned for more adventures of Jenna's Flat Stanley!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweeen!!!

October has long been my favorite month of the year.  I just love the crisp blue skies we get, a bit of Indian Summer weather and soft breezes.  This year has been a little different as I was gone to New England/Canada for half the month where I actually SAW fall know, leaves that change beautiful colors before falling off..unlike most of ours which turn brown and die and the first Santa Ana wind we get blows them all off..usually in December, lol!  So since was gone so much of the month...and then had jet lag that just would not go away I didnt get a chance to get out my usual Halloween decorations :(  But I did add a few new witch dolls to my collections, including a homemade one named Agatha that I got from Salem Massachutes!  A visit to the pumpkin patch always gives me beautiful photos with bright vivid colors...cannot miss this trip every year.  Last year we all went, my mom and the gkids and it was of course a blast.  So this is the layout I share with you today:

This layout is a great pairing of Best Creation Inc Papers, Epiphany Crafts, and Helmar Adhesives and features my grandson Jeromy who I miss dearly, he moved to live with his mom in Nevada and then his dad in Arizona.
 I used Epiphany Crafts Round 25 Bubblecaps for the pumpkins and the Round 14 Bubblecaps and Charm Settiings for the hanging embellishment.
 Helmar Liquid Scapdots was perfect for holding the tulle!!!
Hope you all have a great Halloween!!!