Sunday, December 18, 2011

Handmade gifts and decorations!

Well its the season all right.....and Christmas is just 7 days away.....are you ready??  I am...I just finished my last Christmas present, which I cant share but I do have some decorations and gifts that I created this season!!
First up...I have quite the owl addiction, dont know why but they really draw my attention.  I also happened to have some felt on hand from another project and one night I sat and made these:

 Jenna and Trevor quickly claimed them as their own, and so now I need to make one for me to keep.  They were super easy and I got the idea from Pinterest :)
Check out the eyes...I used my Epiphany Crafts Button maker and the Round 20 buttons to make custom eyes for these guys:
The reason I had the felt was because I made these cute little Christmas trees, in my color theme for the year, pink, turquoise, green....and I thought they would make an awesome gift for my funky hairdresser so again....I dont have my own, but I do have the stuff to make them, lol!
I used my Epiphany Crafts Button and Shape Studios and made ornaments for my trees!
Then came my next love.....making little canvas's, again sticking to my new Christmas color theme:
I made a cute little peacock feather Christmas tree using Bo Bunny paper and my Epiphany Craft Shape Studio and the oval epoxies with a little heart button for the top!
And then I joined in on a challenge that Hobby Lobby put up on their Facebook page for tags and created these:
The first is my owl tag, I used a combination of Webster's Pages papers, in the Botanical Christmas line, and my Epiphany Crafts buttons, epoxies, and felt settings:
And.......this tag won day 5 :)
I created another tag for the challenge using a freebie digital tag from Webster's Pages adding lots of Websters Pages trims and some Epiphany Crafts Round 25 Epoxies:
It didnt win....but it looks great on my tree!!!
And last but not least is probably my favorite new decoration of the year that I made:
I used a very inexpensive shadow box frame I got from Michaels for $5, framed a paper from Best Creation Inc, added some loose jingle bells and then added a title to the front of the glass, using a Epiphany Crafts Heart 25 Epoxy to dot the 'i'.  Tied a ribbon around it and what a great decoration dontcha think?
So I talked about changing up my color theme this year and I am working towards it...last year I got a white tree, this year I started going pink, turquoise, lime green and this is what I have:
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that you are enjoying your season as much as I am :)

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