Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweeen!!!

October has long been my favorite month of the year.  I just love the crisp blue skies we get, a bit of Indian Summer weather and soft breezes.  This year has been a little different as I was gone to New England/Canada for half the month where I actually SAW fall know, leaves that change beautiful colors before falling off..unlike most of ours which turn brown and die and the first Santa Ana wind we get blows them all off..usually in December, lol!  So since was gone so much of the month...and then had jet lag that just would not go away I didnt get a chance to get out my usual Halloween decorations :(  But I did add a few new witch dolls to my collections, including a homemade one named Agatha that I got from Salem Massachutes!  A visit to the pumpkin patch always gives me beautiful photos with bright vivid colors...cannot miss this trip every year.  Last year we all went, my mom and the gkids and it was of course a blast.  So this is the layout I share with you today:

This layout is a great pairing of Best Creation Inc Papers, Epiphany Crafts, and Helmar Adhesives and features my grandson Jeromy who I miss dearly, he moved to live with his mom in Nevada and then his dad in Arizona.
 I used Epiphany Crafts Round 25 Bubblecaps for the pumpkins and the Round 14 Bubblecaps and Charm Settiings for the hanging embellishment.
 Helmar Liquid Scapdots was perfect for holding the tulle!!!
Hope you all have a great Halloween!!!


Aimee Kidd said...

What a great Halloween layout!! Love all of the wonderful little details!

Happy Halloween!!

Cindy Gay said...

Great design. Very creative.

Blossom inch said...

beautiful Halloween page and awesome details.

Anonymous said...

love her work ... great sytle