Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today I have been writing and preparing for a booklet we want to make to Celebrate my Papa's journey here on earth.  Remembering times with him, things he said and did, what a character he was.  We were blessed to have been part of his life and now he watches over us, cant ask for more.  Everyone has their own stories and the stories bring smiles to all of our faces.  What a great life he had and what a great family he had surrounding him....all the way to the end.  Facebook was a great resource to us as we shared his journey for 23 days.  Many kept up with the journey via Facebook and we appreciate all of the words of support that we received during that time and continuing even now.  We are in preparation for a Celebration of Life which will take place on December 4th.  We hold him in our hearts free and strong now that he has no ailments to hold him back.  I love you Papa!

During this journey I asked for prayers to help me get past something that was done to me towards the end of this journey so that I could focus only on Papa and have only him in my heart.  I received this comfort from all of you and I thank you for it.  The hurt that was done to me is something I want to share with you in the hopes that someone may learn sensitivity, to think before they speak and to know that something done as a result of drama will only make you sink to the level of the person creating the drama.  I wont name names but I will tell you that it concerned a Design Team I was on and am no longer.  They no longer appear on my blog or in my resume but I know it wouldn't take much to figure out the kit club if you so desired.  And the reason for it can be seen in who took my place on that Design Team.  I am not one to sink to the levels of those that feed on drama but I felt in this situation that people should know the source of the blemish on the journey for which I asked for support.  Now I can put it behind me and rise above.

My creativity right now is being focused on creating some bulletin boards of Papa and writing a booklet to Celebrate his Life.

Thank you all for being such great friends and a great source of support and love during this time!  Love ya!!!


floridagirl said...

You are a class act Miss Julie....I love you!!

Dolores said...

You Rock Julie!!!