Monday, November 15, 2010

Hiya!!! sorry I was MIA

Its been a busy month.  The last two weeks have been spent split between normal regularly scheduled things and the hospital leaving me very little time to update here.  I have still been busy creating when I can, its a great release for me right about now.  My Dad has been ill for a long time, he has Parkinson's and some Dementia and was in a residential care home.  About 2 weeks ago he got a fever, a high fever, and he was admitted to the hospital and has been there ever since.  He had pneumonia from something aspirated and septic shock.  Once that was under control he spiked a fever again, another infection somewhere other than his lungs.  His weakened condition will cause the infections to keep coming back where ever they can and the antibiotics will be useless.  He is having a problem with his potassium levels too.  He has always been Do Not Resuscitate so we made the decision to bring him home on Hospice Care.  He is bedridden right now also, we are hoping to be able to get him in a wheel chair so he can go outside.  We set up the main living room as his living space, its bright and sunny with lots of windows and he can see most of the house from his bed.  He comes home tomorrow morning.  We are ready to surround him with love and family.  We are at peace with our decision and look forward to being with him all of the time.  So that's where I have been and where alot of my attention will be focused for as long as he is with us.

This month, the month of November I am Guest Designing for Helmar Adhesives.  I cannot say enough about all of their products, I use them all the time!  Their is an application for every need that you can think of.  I think my favorites are the ZapDots, Liquid Scrap Dots, 450 Quick Dry and the Quick Fix Adhesive Runner.  The Tape Runner was one that I had not used before, I am an ATG user and have been for a few years but I have to say that I really love the Helmar Quick Fix Adhesive Runner, I was totally surprised because I love my ATG.  I have several blog posts for Helmar coming up and have had one post recently featuring the Christmas cards I made with Best Creation papers and Helmar Adhesives, you can see it HERE, but here are the cards I made:
I have been busy with my Best Creation projects too...most have been featured on the Best Creation Blog already but I thought I would share them with you here too.

This layout was done as a scraplift of a layout by Emily Pitts from the September issue of Scrapbook Trends Magazine and was a submission for a didn't get picked up so I can share it here:

I used my Cricut cartridge, Accent Essential, to cut the snowflakes from Best Creation Glitter cardstock and I was thrilled with the results!!  The glitter cardstock is nothing short of amazing!  I love working with it and the glitter is embossed into the paper so it doesn't flake off everywhere.  Here is a close up of the snowflakes:
My next layout uses Best Creation papers, love these, and my Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Round 14 epoxy circles, so much fun!
and a close up of the Epiphany Crafts Epoxy's
I used alot of Helmar adhesives here too, check out the ornaments where I doubled them up and lifted them with Zap Dots

I love my homemade tree too!!  I used the Best Creation Glitter Cardstock for it:

And one more project to share and this one uses Best Creation papers, Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Epoxy's and Helmar Adhesives.  One of my favorite gift items to make is a altered composition book to be used for Notes, Lists or as a Journal.  I love how this one came out and am debating giving it away, lol!!
I am a snowman lover and collector as you can see :)  And with this one I did the inside over, adding a little pocket, and the back cover:

So this is a big post and I must stop now.  I have more to share but will do so in another post.  I want to share my layouts from The Scrapping Spot for the last few months...I didnt get a chance to post them and the kits sold out immediately so this is just sharing and not advertising, lol!!

Thanks for your visit!
See you soon.
Real soon ;)

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floridagirl said...

wow Julie - I am totally drooling over that Journal - it is so flipping cute - if you decide to part with it - please think of your Friend in FL. The snowflake LO is awesome too - well they are all awesome!! I will be continuing my prayers for you and your family!