Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter Park by Echo Park + Epiphany Crafts = Fun!!

Echo Park graciously traded product with Epiphany Crafts and I was the lucky recipient of  2 Echo Park generous and I have to say I love Echo Park!  Its so easy to create with the Echo Park papers!!

One of the collections I got was Winter Park, and though we have no snow in California and this year very little snow anywhere close I had to really stretch to find a photo for this fine collection...but I did find a great one!!  My mom and I went to Canada in the fall and we took some crazy pictures....that's what happens when you are gone 15 days I guess, LOL!!
 I couldn't resist creating a "scene" with this collection!  Tearing that paper just felt good, lol! Oh and yea...that's my mom, shes a great model for doing the crazy things I think of :)
 I used the Epiphany Crafts Round 14 buttons to make snowflakes.....perfect I say!!
And the bigger Epiphany Crafts Round 20 buttons made great snowflakes for the ground :)
I really love the pop of red in this collection!!

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priscilla cerda said...

i luv how u put ur picture into the scene! very coooool!