Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am sad!!!

I got my first Design Team spot at Creating Inspirations last October, and Beth just announced today that she is closing the kit club, the store and the message board. Another victim of the lagging economy. I am very sad, and I wont ever forget being a Design Team member there...she was the first to take a chance on me!! Therefore I am searching for a new club to design for, I have applied for a few but have not been lucky enough to be selected yet. I have gotten two Guest Design Team spots though...thanks to Treasured Scrapbooking and Simply Obsessed...they wont be sorry!! And so my quest continues...............


Brandy said...

I love your stuff and think you could have your pick of teams...Prima is putting together a hybrid team, you should totally check them out!!

Bummer on your Creating Inspirations team though, the economy keeps me freaked out too!

Michelle said...

that stinks about CI Julie!I am sure you wil find a DT in no time your work is FaboulOus!!going to check out the color story challenge sounds cool!
and BTW you've been tagged check out my blog for da details!