Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Treasured Hunt Week 4 Challenge

Well I made it to Round 4!!!! I was prepared to not see my name on the list this week, but it was there. So this weeks challenge is:

The only requirement is that your journaling must include (in no specific order):
I Wonder...
I Hope...
I Regret...
I Know...
and journaling to go with it.
Everything else is up to you.

My layout is Musings

Week 4 Treasured Hunt Entry
JOurnaling challenge
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I wonder
I wonder. That’s a daunting thought.
Don’t we all wonder? I probably wonder umpteen times a day about one thing or another. But really, what are the important things I wonder? I wonder, did I make the right decision? Is it what is best for me and the people that surround me, or does it make a difference if it’s best for the people around me as long as its best for me? How will this decision impact my life? What if I chose differently, then what would have happened? Am I staying true to my nature or going against it?
Sometimes I really wonder.
I hope
If I am to be completely honest, even though I hate to bring it up, I hope that I make a difference; I hope that I have enough time to continue making a difference and that when I am gone I will be remembered for making a difference. A difference in what you ask? A difference in peoples lives. I hope that I have added something positive, a good feeling, a good experience and a great memory!!!
I really hope.
I regret
I think regret comes more into play when you are older, when situations have arisen and you didn’t do what you would now with the knowledge you have now. I have lots of little regrets, oh I wish I would have done this instead, oh I wish I wouldn’t have said that, oh I wish I would have taken this path, you get the picture. But I do have one big regret, and its personal, it doesn’t affect anyone but me. I regret I didn’t pursue my education much further than I did. If I did not have this heart condition, which has really opened my eyes, I would have pursued nursing, or teaching.
I really regret that.
I know
A very powerful statement! Sounds like a talk show. The first thing that comes to mind is that things happen for a reason. There are reasons that my life took the path it did, and there are reasons things happened the way they did, and there are reasons why I always seem to land on my feet, and number one:: I know there is a reason why I am still here, and the reason changes over time, I have some purpose that is not yet fulfilled. I know I hope that the reasons keep on coming!
This I know.

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