Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Treasured Hunt Week 3 Challenge

So......I made it through to round 3!!! Not an easy competition. I dont know how they are voting ANYONE out at this point, the layouts are that good. Very intimatdating at this point. I always have a good block of time on Tuesday afternoon as Jeromy sleeps about 3 hours (oh how I would love to just cuddle up with him!!), so the assignment comes out Tuesday morning and I try to finish it Tuesday afternoon, then I can coast the rest of the week and watch as the other entries are posted without having to worry about using someone elses idea!!! Good plan......so far anyway!!! So these are the requirements this week:

Challenge requirements: - Create a ONE PAGE layout

Layout must include: - Journaling from someone/something else's point of view (not your own)

- Use at least one pic taken from a different perspective. I'm not going to be terribly specific on this because I want you to be creative, but what we're looking for here is something other than a smiling face looking directly at the camera. Maybe a candid shot of someone looking away, a shot from behind/above/below, focus on a particular body part, etc. Also, the photo doesn't necessarily have to be of a person... USE YOUR IMAGINATION!!

- use at least 2 different mediums of alphabet letters in your title (ex. rub-ons, chipboard, stickers, diecut, etc.). These must be two different kinds of alphas, not 2 different kinds of stickers or two different kinds of rub-on, but a mixture, like one rub-on and one chipboard for example. You may use more than 2 but it has to be at least 2. Make sense?

And this is my layout......what do you think?

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