Sunday, July 24, 2011

Soooo.... its been awhile, but.....I'M BACK!!!!

Wow...July has been the busiest month on record for me!  Its good to be home for a stretch of time!  The beginning of the month saw me in Alaska on a cruise:

It was a great trip and we had an awesome time participating in the art auctions on board the ship!!!  Great Memories made :)

Once home we were here for just 4 days before we took off again...this time to Reno/Sparks NV in the motorhome with the 3 grandkids, my newly diagnosed diabetic cat, the dog, and a bunch of my daughters belongings.......because she moved there!!  We didnt make the 9 hour drive all at once though...stopped at Convict Lake on the way up:
We arrived in Sparks and "camped" in an RV park in was great, hookups, a pool, laundramat etc.  We ended up staying 4 nights there.  While in Sparks we went to the local Water Park - Wild Islands - and had the best of times.  First time there for Jenna and Trevor...unfortunately I did not take any photos because I didnt want to have my camera we just have memories :)  We also went to Circus Circus in Reno and then Virginia City:
And then we hit the road again...this time for home!  We stopped at Convict Lake again on the way home and had a little informal photo shoot:
And before you know it July will be over!!!!  I had alot of fun but man I am glad to be home!!!  First thing I did was clean my scraproom.....and scrap...will share more later when Blogger isnt acting up!

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