Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a BIG toot!!!! this post is a little late but let me give you the story and you will understand, lol!!! 

So I applied for the Websters Pages Design Team along with 650+ others earlier this month.  I applied for both the paper team and the digital team.  Long shot I know but what the heck, you never know.  I kinda thought I wouldnt make the paper team but was holding out hope for the digital team.  Then I left on my trip to Hawaii with my mom and my daughter and promptly forgot about all things not having to do with being in Hawaii.  So mid week we were sitting in a restaurant on the beach having lunch and I decided to check my email and low and behold there is an email from Websters Pages....Brandin.  Holding my breath I clicked on it thinking its a thanks for applying but you didnt make it this time kind of email (sometimes you just arent a fit with the team they have put together) anyway it opened and it was an offer to join the digital/hybrid team!!!!!!!!  I screamed...omg NO WAY!!!  Everyone around us turned to look.  My mom and daughter and like.....WHAT?????  So I told them I got on the Websters Pages Design Team...the dream team, and they smile, laugh and congratulate.  I know they dont understand the joy those in the scrapbooking field would be they are happy for me.  I am happy for me!!  I am in awe.  I am honored.  I beamed all day and beyond!

So I am part of the Websters Pages Design Team for 2011 working with the digital goodness offered by WP and I am ready!!!
and these are my teammates:
We are going to ROCK WP all year long!!
I am working on getting all of my teammates blog links up so that you can easily follow us all!


Kelly C said...

Huge congrats Julie!!

Tracey Taylor said...

Julie, I am just THRILLED for you!! Enjoy every moment. Can't wait to hear more on the weekend.

floridagirl said...

I am just so ELATED to hear this Julie - you are so deserving...I can't wait to see the gorgeous creations you will be making for them!!

Leah Crowe said...

They couldn't have chosen a better scrapper, Julie! I am so happy for you sweetie, congratulations!! :)

Mitsue Iwata said...

Hi Julie, congrats on Webster's DT! Looking forward to an exciting year with you :)

Sandy Ang said...

So happy for your Julie. It's huge!