Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boy I am a terrible Blogger!!!

So not like me at all! But in my defense I did go to Utah earlier this month for the Rusty Pickle Chefs annual retreat so was gone part of the time :) When we flew in there was no snow but on the way up the mountain to the cabin it began to snow, I so love watching it snow!! We got about 4 inches and then it snowed on and off all weekend so there was snow all the time. We had alot of great adventures getting to the cabin and driving in the snow. One night got down to like 10 degrees, that was the night that the sodas we stored outside (why take up refrigerator room) either froze solid or exploded! If you wanted a drink you had to bring it in and set it by the fire place to thaw out, lol! I got some pictures of the snow and the area surrounding the cabin, other than that I was busy scrapping :)

and one last shot to share with you, the Grand Canyon from the air :)

Cant wait for next year!!

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