Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trevor's Tracks by Inkin Creations

My designer friend Erika, who is Inkin' Creations and sells at Bouquet of Pixels, made a digital kit for me!!! I gave her the idea of 'training wheels', because I have 3 grandkids that are 5, almost 4 and almost 3, who have or are learning how to ride, tricycles, bicycles and even motorcycles! My inspiration came from some photos from Easter day this year. Jenna, the oldest has a motorcycle with training wheels that she is learning to ride. Trevor, her younger brother (2) wanted to sit on it, so Daddy put him on.......and he revved it and took off!!! Didnt expect that. Luckily Daddy was able to catch up to him.
So this is the kit Erika designed for me...and I bet there are alot of you that would love it go pick it up over at Bouquet of Pixels - Trevors Tracks

As soon as she uploaded it, I downloaded it and created these three layouts.....all in one night! Crazy I know, but I love it...and them....and this kit!! Thanks Erika!

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Erika H. said...

Julie...these layouts are just AMAZING! Thanks for the kind words about the kit. I really had a blast making it!